Monday, 11 March 2013

Being sentimental for no reason

Randomly came across an old friend's photos in my facebook newsfeed.

He was a friend I met in JC, he was the boyf of one of our seniors and he helped to coach us for my house cheer. We sucked and made a fool of ourselves during the actual day, but it was also a really interesting and memorable experience.

We went on to become good friends even after he broke up with said senior, and maybe it's because I find it easier to hang out with guys, we were closer compared to the rest of the house cheer group.

He was really nice to hang out with, very sensible for his age and all. And he made a really good friend.

And then we drifted apart and eventually stopped talking because my then boyf hated the idea of me having a close guy friend. We did meet up once or twice over the years, but things were already just strained and awkward.

I mean, I respect my then boyf's feelings and decisions, because after all, we were together at that point of time, and I really valued our relationship.

But from time to time I find myself wondering, was a good friendship really worth giving up on?

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