Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tried and Tested: Tresamme Deep Cleanse Shampoo Review

The Tresamme vitamin C deep cleansing shampoo (for hair prone to build-up) is said to be able to: 
"clarify and gently remove build-up and heavy residues that diminish hair's inner glow. Its formula, containing vitamin C, is gentle enough for daily use and will deeply purify your hair to get that just-left-the-salon fresh feel." 

The shampoo comes in a light transparent greenish-blue hue and has a very minty and fruity smell to it. 

This is my first time trying a deep cleansing shampoo, and I decided on Tresamme after reading some positive reviews on it. 

Although the Tresamme deep cleanse shampoo is said to be gentle enough for everyday use, I only use it once, or at most twice a week. My hair is kind of dry towards the ends and very prone to split-ends, so I don't want to strip away any more moisture than is needed.

Using a deep cleansing shampoo once in a while is important because it helps to erase build-up and reduce oil. The clarifying components help to regulate sebaceous gland secretions. Because of all the hair products that we use, and the residue left behind from shampoos and conditioners, our hair follicles and "pores" can become blocked over time, this is what causes hair losses, dandruff and so on. So using a deep cleansing shampoo helps you clear all those harmful stuff once in a while.

I read in some reviews that the Tresamme deep cleansing shampoo feels like a mud mask for the scalp, which was one reason that really tempted me because I'm a huge fan of mud masks. But I didn't really get that feeling. 

In fact, it didn't feel anything like what I expected, there was a very slight minty smell, but you don't feel that minty fresh feeling you get from some "fresh" shampoos. It just felt like a normal shampoo really. 

But after washing my hair, I do feel that it is more clean when I run my fingers through it, so I think it really worked in getting all the gunk out of my hair. And although it's not as smooth as when I'm using my moisturizing shampoo, I seriously liked that cleansed feel afterwards. 

I would say thumbs up for this product! :) 

Psst. Remember to use a conditioner/hair mask after using the deep cleansing shampoo.

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