Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Gmarket Korea: Yellow Top?

Ordered this from gmarket korea, but because my korean is limited, K did the ordering.

And... when it came, I realised it was tagged size L. K got the wrath of my fury of course, hahaha, and as you can see, what was meant to be a top, now turned into some oversized tee. The shoulder part looks gigantic and the sleeves are so loose and long. But I tried wearing it as a dress, paired it with a black sash, and it looked quite okay. So prolly I'll just be altering the shoulders part to make it fit better and keep the length like that.

But I really love mad love the colour. It's like a neon yellow/lime yellow kind of colour. Super cheery and sunshine. (Haiz if only it fits better my life would be perfect. Hahaha)

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