Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gardens by the Bay

We went to Gardens by the Bay over the weekend, to see what the hype was all about. We reached there quite late, and by then all the lights were lighted up alr.

We had our dinner at Bakerzin, because we wanted to avoid the $20 chicken rice. Hahaha. The food there was okay, but they ran out of clams and then they mixed up our orders.

And we also met Frog Prince who was out for a stroll!

Honestly, I never knew what the hype about Gardens by the Bay was about. To me, it seemed a complete waste of money to be spending so much to artificially import a garden into the city centre. Moreover when it's evident that not enough planning was done prior.

If you've been there, you would notice that the field, and grass patches were dying, with brown spots showing up all over, possibly from all the human trampling and whatnots. And the lights that they used to light up the park at night was too strong, and the heat was actually killing all the plants around the light source. You can see all the plants drying up and turning yellow.

Seriously, it's so expensive to maintain the park and yet they put so little consideration into it.

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