Saturday, 21 July 2012

Review: Thaipan (Mandarin Gardens Condominium)

Went to Thaipan quite a while back but didn't put up the review or the photos because they weren't very good. We were too hungry and too busy eating to bother about the camera. But I suddenly had a craving for Thaipan tonight, so just thought I would post this up.

I went to the one at Mandarin Gardens Condominium, I very much prefer this branch than the one at Changi Village even though they're supposed to be selling the same dishes. Maybe it's the memory and reminiscence, I went there for lunch and dinner very often when I was studying at VJC, or maybe the chef there can just cook better.

We didn't order a lot because I went with K and it was just the two of us. But it's sad that the prices keep increasing. :(

This is the famous Thaipan olive fried rice ($7), very nicely done and the rice was very fragrant.

The broccoli with fresh crab meat ($8). It was my first time trying the dish, and for someone who doesn't like her veges, this dish was quite impressive. The sauce was really really nice and you'll have this at home feel when the hot smooth sauce slides down your throat.

Butter squid ($10). This is a must order! I never fail to order this every single time I come to this restaurant. It;s just that good.

We also had the Yangzhou fried rice ($4.50) but it was nothing special. Seems like the standard dropped because this used to be what I always order when we call for take outs.

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