Tuesday, 20 March 2012

If Only...

Just came back from an interview that I had been anticipating for the whole of last week.

Getting it would solve my accommodation concerns (and costs) for the whole of next year. I'll be fine without it I suppose, life will still go on, but it'll make my life much simpler if I managed to secure the position.

The thing is, you know how you always turn up for interviews, and afterwards once you step out from the interview room the questions just automatically runs through in your head and your brain just starts churning out loads and loads of answers that are ALL BETTER than the ones you presented to the interviewers? Yeah, the feeling is overwhelming me now. And it kind of sucks to be feeling this way, to have so much if-onlys and should-haves drowning you. I don't like living in regrets, but interviews has never really been my kind of thing.

Plus, my interview went really really quickly. I was in and out in like, 10 minutes whereas the other girls before me took like 20-30 minutes each. I don't know if its because they liked me and didn't have much things to ask, or they just decided on the spot that I wasn't the person they were looking for. Although right now it kind of feels like the latter because I didn't know a lot about the organisation, the internet didn't have anything on it, I didn't know anybody that I could ask, so I gave a lot of replies that reflected quite badly on my knowledge.

I'm not saying the other candidates are bad, in fact, they're all really nice and friendly and they do know about the place more than me, but it's just my ego at work. I don't like the feeling that somebody else is better than me when I know that deep inside I have what it takes.

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