Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Asian Kitchen (VivoCity)

Don't. Ever. Patronize. This. Place

It was a totally horrible horrible place and we had a really horrible time there.

I had this really bad craving for xlb and we wanted to drop by Ding Tai Fung initially. Ding Tai Fung may be totally commercialized but at least their food still has standard.

Anyway, we didn't managed to because we booked our movie tickets already and were in a rush so The Asian Kitchen @ Vivocity was the next best choice, seeing how it's the nearest.

We ordered the chicken cutlet fried rice, which is SUPPOSEDLY their recommended dish. It looked okay enough, but tasted horrible. The fried rice was damn salty, and not nice at all. Even worse than some of the $4 fried rice I can find outside. 

The chicken was really breaded. Like, after you remove the skin and the fats, there's basically very little left to eat.

 For instance this photo, you may think it's the chicken, but it's actually the fats stuck to it. I may still accept it if its from some hawker centre, but not from a place I just paid $10++ for my fried rice.

Look at their ginger dip for the xlb. Sliced so thick and with so few slices and arranged so haphazardly it's as if they didn't care and the dip is just an afterthought. Compared to Ding Tai Fung's thinly and evenly sliced one, this is totally pathetic.

 We also ordered 20 xlbs, 10 of the original flavour, 10 of the shrimp flavour. Total regret I tell you.

You can't differentiate which is which from the outside. They all look the same.

 This is the shrimp one, the shrimp was so teeny-weeny K couldn't even find it till the third xlb. And you basically can't even taste the prawn.

The soup base inside the xlb is slightly different for the two. But neither is nice. And their xlb has skin so thick that it doesn't break apart no matter how rough the handling. AND some of the xlbs didn't even have any soup inside! Atrocious and totally unacceptable. >:(

See how the xlbs were arranged when they served it. Can't even be bothered to put it in a proper circle, like just make, throw in and serve.

Plus the black face waitresses, the amount we paid is totally not justified for the meal.

I'm never patronizing this place ever again!

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