Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bandung Day 2 Part 2

You might be wondering, why did I specially put this in Bandung Day 2 Part 2 instead of just having a Bandung Day 2 post.

It's because. This place is really, really, really good. It was one of the most memorable and beautiful cafe/restaurants that I have been to.

Dakken Cafe, right beside Heritage.

We found this cafe by chance. We were looking for a place to eat after fake-shopping at Heritage and the "restaurant" at Heritage looked dubious. We walked out and we saw this place, and also a Shih Lin Taiwan Snack stall opposite the road. So we decided to check this place out then decide if we should cross the road or not.

They have a lot of stuff on their menu, and it's all very very reasonably priced. The price per plate (for a main course in a restaurant like this) is just the cost of something from a coffee shop in Singapore. 

They had really creative decoration, every room had a different concept and you can choose which one you want to dine in. For example:

This is the room we chose.

They had this semi-invisible clock on the wall, but we couldn't find the projector. This is my favourite clock. :)

Now comes the food.

The buffalo wings. Damn freaking spicy I almost died even though I just ate one tiny strip. The wings are very tiny as well. I think the animals here are malnourished because so far all the dishes with prawns, had minute prawns that looks like shrimps.

Some nasi pizza thing, but looks like baked rice.

The mushroom cream soup. I must say this is really tasty, one of the best mushroom soups I have had.

The lava chocolate cake. The chocolate was really thick and gooey. I like. 

If you're wondering how come there's so little food pictures, it's because we were too hungry and we digged right in once all the food came. One thing about this place is that you have to wait quite a while for the food to come, even the drinks.

Other than the food dishes above, we also tried the baked salmon (only cost SGD$10), the meat spaghetti and also some beef steak thing. All taste really good. 

And the toilet is also the cleanest we have seen in Bandung. If you're here for the food, please pee before you leave because you'll not find such nice toilets in Bandung again.

Went to Ta Wan at Paris Van Java for dinner. Decided on this place because the first night when we were here, there was quite a queue outside the restaurant, so thought that it might be nice.

Strawberry Fanta

This is the corn soup. 

One thing I realise about the restaurants in Bandung is that they never peel their prawns. Maybe because the prawns are so tiny to start off with. If you peel there might be nothing left. So what they do is that they chop up the prawn together with the shell. So when you eat, you can actually taste all the hard pieces from the shell.

Butter squids

Fried Rice

Fried Prawn with Garlic

This place is not as nice as the lunch place. The seafood was subpar and nothing to boast about.

We thought that Bandung, like Batam and Bintan would have really good seafood, but looks like we're wrong. We asked our driver (for day 3) and was told that all the good seafood is exported out, so they just keep all the not-so-good ones for themselves that's why. So she advised us not to go for the seafood since Singapore is much better.

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  1. If you are looking for good seafood meal on your next visit to Bandung, try the HDL 293 at Jl. Diponegoro, not far from the Museum of Geology. Superb!